Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Is In The Air

When we get rainbows, we get rainbows.

A double rainbow from Tuesday over our yard.


Yes, it's spring...

A tree from across the street. I love it!

...but it's still cold in this house!

(Click photos for full size.)


Margaret W. said...

Oh wow, what gorgeous photos! I love it when we get double rainbows.
Our pussywillow trees are blooming, so that shows spring is here too, except that... it is STILL cold HERE too!

Elf Girl said...

I second Margaret. Those are beautiful! :)

Our only true signs of spring here, are the robins, the slightly warmer temperature, and the rain. I could use some sunshine and flowers...

Elissa said...

Missouri does have beautiful rainbows, I never thought different states would make difference in a thing like a rainbow, but I have seen several in Missouri, and they do seem to be lovelier! (but maybe it's just that Missouri itself is prettier than anywhere I've lived!)

Jaime said...

LOL, Missouri is pretty. :) It also helps that the view is nice toward the east from our house, so it makes for good photos when we get rainbows. :)