Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy (Belated) Independence Day!

I know, I'm a day late...but you can't tell about what you did to celebrate until the day is over! :P That's my excuse, and I'm stickin' to it! LOL. ;)

We went to our friends' house and shared a meal together, and visited with the baby goats. :D I got some more cute pictures to share. ;) Gracie is sweeter than ever! She even gives 'kisses' (she puts her nose up against your cheek). After enjoying ourselves outside for a bit, we went back in and had some cake and ice cream, and then the men (including Danny) shot off fireworks. Danny (who now gets a paycheck every couple of weeks) provided at least half of the fireworks, and there were four people providing! :P He does a great job at picking them out, and provides quite a show!

I was trying to get my videos to work, but they won't. :( So I'll just post the links.

Danny's Finale

Danny's Fountain from last year


Elisabeth said...

Looks like the fireworks were quite a show! The fireworks we saw this year on the 4th were DEAFENING! :)

Jaime said...

LOL! We encountered some of those deafening ones at a local show we went to on the 5th. :P It was neat hearing the echoes in the hills surrounding us.

Lizzy Brown said...

Who can POSSIBLY be more belated than Lizzy?? I ask you.
The answer? NO ONE!
Great post... and at least you got some great photos of the fireworks... mine were blurry... grrr... :P We had a pretty much 'bang' free 4th! since we can't have noise makers (the horses and all) I chose them this year, and I did a good job if I do say so myself. :P
Love you lots!