Friday, April 4, 2008


I was tagged by Lizzy....

7 Things I’d like to do before I die:

Have children.
Visit friends that I've not yet seen. :)
Own horses.
Travel around the world and visit lots of neat places.
Learn at least one foreign language.
Master at least one musical instrument. :P

7 things that I cannot do well:

Talk to people I don't know on the phone.
Light a fire. If I have a candle lighter that keeps my hand far away from the flame, I'm fine. LOL.
Kill bugs....especially spiders. Gross. :P
Slice a ripe tomato...I tend to make a mess of it. :P
Go outside at's way too dark here...If the area's well-lighted I'm ok, though.
Put my thoughts into words...especially when asked personal questions...kinda like these. :P
Type without using these little dots...LOL! ;)

7 Favorite Movies:

The Lord of the Rings
The Chronicles of Narnia
One Night With The King
The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982 version)
National Treasure
Star Wars
Pirates of the Caribbean

7 Things that I say often:

My Bunny!
That's interesting.
That's not right...
Oh, dear.
Darn it. :P
This is slow! (referring to the Internet...we have dial-up :P)
I'm not feeding you. (to the dogs when they sit by me and 'ask' for treats :P)

7 Things that I’d like in a Husband:

A love for Christ (of course!)
Someone who wants children (another 'of course')
Has a love for books. :D
Likes to travel.
Has a love for music.
Has a sense of humor.
Has a love for animals (can't go without pets! :D)

7 Favorite Books and Authors:

(besides the Bible, right? ;))
J.R.R. Tolkien
Alexandre Dumas
The Scarlet Pimpernel series
C.S. Lewis
Les Miserables
Lloyd C. Douglas's The Robe and The Big Fisherman
Pearl Maiden
(Is that 7? I could go on...:P)

Well, between Elissa and Lizzy, I think that there's no one left to tag...:P
So...if there is someone that hasn't been tagged yet that sees this...I tag you! :D


Unveiled Hope said...

hehe, great choices, pal. ;)

Jaime said...

Thanks! It's great to see you here! ;)
Care to carry on the tag and post your answers on your blog? :D

Lizzy Brown said...

LOL! Great answers Jaime! Those were hard... I'm like: How can I answer all of these?!
But you had some great ones!! ;)
Lots of love! *hugs*

Jaime said...

Thanks, Lizzy!
LOL, some of them were hard to answer! :P

Elf Girl said...

I "third" UH and Lizzy. Nice choices! ;)

Jaime said...

Thanks, EG!
And I'll say the same to you that I did to UH...carry on the tag if you like! ;)

Elf Girl said...

Okay. I just might do that... :)

Unveiled Hope said...

Ooh, maybe I will. :D

Jaime said...

Yay! ;)