Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bathroom Makeover

We put up new wallpaper in out basement's bathroom on Sunday, and on Monday my sister and I redecorated it. I decided that an ocean theme would be nice. :) So we made a couple of wall hangings using paper ribbon and seashells that I collected on the beach when I went to Florida in '98. :D

Being fond of jigsaw puzzles, we have covered a couple of walls in our basement with puzzles that we have completed and glued. :P One of them was an ocean view with a lighthouse on it that matched the colors in the bathroom well, so I 'jazzed' it up with some paper ribbon and hung it on the wall. The other thing in the photo (I have no clue what to call it :P A fan? A broom? LOL) is something that Mom thought looked nice in there.

Lastly, I put some more of my Florida shells in a basket to set in there, and hung a framed picture of a stream (though it's not the ocean, it's still water. :P Mom chose it.) with a Bible verse on it that we took from an old calendar. :)

It looks so nice! It's a shame that it's the boys' bathroom! :P Mom said that we could decorate ours now, if we want I guess we'll be working on that soon! :)


Erin said...

Wow...great job, Jaime! I especially love the wall hangings that you made! :)

Jaime said...

I think they're neat, too. It's amazing what all you can do with paper ribbon! We have a book full of crafts you can make with it, and some of the things in it are unbelievable! We got the idea for one of the wall hangings from it, but we changed a few things. :P We used real shells rather than stickers, and we used all paper ribbon rather than half paper and half 'real', :D

Lizzy Brown said...

Oh I love the shells! Its a great idea to use those type of things to decorate with! :D
It inspires me to redecorate mine too... :D *walks away to contemplate what crafty things can be made to decorate my bathroom* ;)

Jaime said...

LOL! I hope that you're successful! ;)