Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Artwork & Updates

Ok, this is going to be a really long post....
I think everyone knows by now that I'm one of the world's greatest procrastinators. :P How long ago did I promise this post? And now it has much more in it than I originally intended...:P

First off, I had a wonderful birthday. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy one. :) I have a few good pictures...those who want them can talk to me, as I'll be uploading them soon.

Lately, I've been acquiring lots of music from David Arkenstone, all of which is very good. How can you not like a guy who named one of his kids Valinor? :P

I've been reading the autobiography of Richard "Little Bear" Wheeler for the past week. It's an awesome book! I highly recommend it to everyone. ;)

The recipe blog that I mentioned starting up a while back has been started. :) I'm sorry that I haven't mentioned it before now...
Slowly, but surely, I will get recipes on there....and little pokes from friends don't hurt a bit. ;)

Knitting is something that I've been doing a lot of...hats, scarves, shawls, blankets...I'm addicted. :P I'm determined to learn how too knit socks and sweaters soon... Until then, I just need to find more people that I can clothe in hats and scarves. :P

Now for the main focus of this post...some artwork from my sister and I. These are all Pendragon themed. Those of you who have not seen The Burns Family's movie Pendragon: Sword of His Father definitely should. It was made by a Christian home-schooling family. The "Southern" Burns family is a part of our home-school group. :)

We went to my grandma's house yesterday to celebrate birthdays (hers, my brother's, and mine) and I helped her place an order for her copy of the DVD (why she waited until I was there rather than having me help over the phone if she needed me to is beyond me! :P) and she made us all laugh by saying "I have to pay for shipping and wait 3 to 5 days for it to get here when I live about 15 minutes from their house? Isn't there a way that I can ask them if I can just drive over there and pick it up?" LOL!

Also, for those of you who love movie soundtracks, the Pendragon soundtrack is one if the best - if not the best - that you can get. ;)
Now, for the artwork...

First up are some drawings. These were done by my younger sister. She was inspired to begin drawing people after seeing some pictures that I showed her of my dear friend Lizzy's wonderful drawings. :) With much encouragement and help from Lizzy, she has become very good over the past couple of years. (Thank you, Lizzy, we love you dearly!)

As usual, click them all for full size. :)

Artos Pendragon






Next are some desktop wallpapers that I have made using screenshots from the movie and photos that the Burns family have posted on their site and on Facebook. :) Some of them also have quotes from the movie on them, and one has a poem that I wrote that was inspired by the movie. :)


Artos Pendragon






The Vision of Artos

The Strength to Accomplish

A Purpose For Your Life

There Is No One On Your Side


"Who Follows the Pendragon Back to Badon?"


"A Very Intense Camp Personality"

I have to comment on this one...
Let me just say that I nearly died laughing when this picture came up on Facebook. I had been searching for the right picture to use with this quote, too...it was perfect!



Well, I hope that you all enjoyed these...
Now, my birthday is officially over and I stayed up way later than I meant to! :P


Margaret W. said...

Yey! What an exciting post! Tell your sister that she's got a WONDERFUL talent for drawing!

Bethany said...

Happy Birthday belated :) I seem to get behind on Birthdays (I have 8 to remember now ever since Caroline was born...excuses :)

A fellow knitter! I sorta knit a litte but I hardly find anyone who knits! Good luck on socks...umm...I attempted at least ten times but couldn't get the four needles straight!

Bayleaf is going to scream when she hears about Pendragon! Your sister is wonderful at drawing!!!!

LOL, I hope you remember me from Literary Lasses...you might be thinking I'm a spy or something :)

Jaime said...

Thanks, Pearl. :)

Of course I remember you, Bethany! And thank you. :)
Can I ask why Bailey is going to scream...? :P

Scotland said...

Love the artwork! Nice job. :)

Bailey said...

I can tell you why Bailey's going to scream...she loves "Pendragon." :) :) :) Or, at least the *idea* of it, having never seen the movie.

Your sister is a FANTASTIC artist! I'm going to ask Lizzy to tutor me. ;)

And I loved your graphics. LOL - That "camp personality" reminded me so much of what my older brother is going through in his leadership camps. :D

Happy Birthday, again!

Lizzy Brown said...

I simply love those drawings! But Ahnnah already knows that... Such talent!!! ;) The backgrounds are great too!! :D I love Wenneveria's best, though Cadeyrn comes in for a close second... ;) :P

ROTFLOL, These comments are cracking me up. ;) Bailey, you should see "Pendragon" as soon as you can, it's great!

Jaime said...

Yes, Bailey - you should! ;)

Ha ha...close, huh? ;) And here I thought that it was your favorite this whole time!
I like the blue Cadeyrn one best because it turned out so wonderfully. You could get lost in that background! LOL!
I do like the Wenneveria one a lot...all of the flowers and girlie things are neat - I don't get to use those very often. :P It would be wrong to put butterflies on a wallpaper of Cadeyrn...but I'll admit that I was tempted a few times, LOL! :P

Elissa said...

OH my!!! Ahnnah is an AMAZING artist!!!!!
The wallpapers are REALLY cool too!

Pendragon is a really great film, I am rather surprised it didn't win at the film festival I thought it was better than the Widow's Might. Though the Widow's Might is REALLY good too!

Thanks for sharing your artwork with us!


Jaime said...

Thank you, Elissa!

LOL, I'll have to agree with you there...Pendragin is better than...well, everything. :P But perhaps I'm biased...

story_weaver said...

Love the artwork!

Never heard of the movie but I'm going to try and find it now...wherever it is.

Jaime said...

Thank you! :)

Click here to go to the Pendragon movie's site. ;) The title of the movie in my post is a link too, and I have a couple of banners in my sidebar. :)

Question: Do I know you from somewhere else, or have we not met yet? :)

Erin said...

Hi Jaime...I awarded you on my blog, so please be sure and stop by! :D