Monday, October 27, 2008

Preparing for the Big Game...

What big game, you ask? A hockey game. :D

From a previous post, you now know that I'm a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and they're coming to play our home team this year! *happy dance* It's this Saturday. It seems like it was just yesterday that my brother and I were counting down the months until November 1st. :P It was the beginning of July when we found out that the Pens would be coming here. With them being in the Eastern Conference, and us being in the Western, they'll only come here once during the season, if that. Unless we're one of the three Western teams that they play twice next year, they won't be coming here at all next season. So this is a big event for us. :)

So I decided to "Pensify" (a new word I created :D) my camera bag that I'll be taking to the game.

I found some cute little penguin beads at the store, and decided that I could do some neat things with them. So I got a few, and then headed toward the letter beads. I used one of the penguins in the key chain with the letters. End result:

(My favorite player is Sidney Crosby, and he's #87 :D)

The things on the side are neat little things I made with some of my home-made beads. (Have you noticed that I have no idea what to call some of these things? )

And the other three penguins I made into neat little chains:

I also bought some gold hockey player and goalie charms and hung them on the side of the bag, and used a couple as zipper pulls (I guess I didn't take pictures of those, because I can't find any! ).

My favorite are these cute little guys that I made out of clay.

I hung them on some leather cord like I did all of the other things and put them on the side of my bag:

Aren't they cute?? :D

I'll probably make a couple more key chains with player names on them after I visit the bead store again. I only had enough money to buy the stuff for one this time. :)

Lastly is a thing I made on my bead loom. I plan to make another one after I buy a bigger loom. :P I didn't have enough space to do this very it looks a little stretched. I took a picture of the Pens' logo and copied it onto graph paper, and then made it out of seed beads on my loom. :)


Lizzy Brown said...

LOL I love the beads you made... ;) they are SOOO cute! *I'm over here in WA yelling 'GO PENS!!!!' LOL* Hopefully my 'Comrade' 71 will make some GREAT shots and win big... :D ;)
I hope you have a GREAT time at the game! Love you lots! *hugs!*

Jaime said...

LOL, thank you. :)
I'm still shaking my head in wonder at the fact that I've made Lizzy Brown into a hockey fan...:P

Lizzy Brown said...

Haha!! LOL! Well... let's say you made me into a Pens fan... ;) :P Besides! 71 is practically family! (almost! Ok, so Russia is a big place... but anyhoooo) :P

Jaime said...

LOL! :P Ok...we'll go with that...;)

Erin said... do you do that? Those beads you made are so cute! :) I don't suppose you'd like to take up my interest in watching golf? LOL ;)

Jaime said...

LOL, what are you asking...if I want to watch golf or if I want to make golf-themed things? :P ;)
If you want to know if I can make something, just ask. ;)

Erin said...

LOL Guess I should've worded that a li'l different! :D I meant I don't suppose you'd like to start watching calm (sometimes somewhat boring) golf tournaments like moi after the excitement of hockey games. :)

Jaime said...

Oh! I never was much into golf. :P