Friday, May 30, 2008

A Walk to the Lake

My sister and I took a walk to the lake that's at the end of our road the other day.
It is so pretty down there! I thought I'd share some pictures with you all. ;)


This is the road on our way back up:

Do you see anything wrong with this tree? :P


Elissa said...

I didn't know you had a sister... you learn something new every day...
Sorry I haven't commented lately, I was really busy, and didn't have much time for commenting, but lifes getting back to normal :)
I finally added your new blog to my links, I still had your HSB blog on there :/

Jaime said...

I thought I mentioned my younger brother and sister on PD's? They're the ones we adopted from Ukraine in 2001. ;) And then I have my biological brother, Danny, who is exactly 2 years younger than me. I probably talk about him the most since we're so close. :)

Elf Girl said...

Looks like a neat area... Mind if I use some of these photos in a w/p some time? I'd definitely credit you. :)

Lizzy Brown said...

Wow! LOL Makes one want to go for a swim! :P It's not been to hot around here yet... how about WAY over there in "Misery"? LOL! That's what we call Missouri over here in Sunny/Cool Washington. :P
Speaking of Ahnnah, ;) tell her "hi!" for me.
I’ll try to get on to chat later today, but we have a family coming at eleven o’clock this morning, and staying through dinner with my Aunt and Uncle too… :P so, I’ll try to be on after dinner, if only for a few minutes… Love you lots! ;) Hugs!

Jaime said...

Of course you can use them, EG! ;) I'd be honored. :D

LOL! It's hot and humid here! Yesterday, it sure did feel like "Misery"! Today isn't too bad, at least for me anyway! Ask anyone else and they would probably say it is...:P
The bugs are horrible, though. Some species of large flies moved in overnight, and are EVERYWHERE! Ahnnah and I had to gove two of our dogs a bath today, and the flies loved it...we couldn't swat they away because our hands were covered in soap. LOL. Fun, huh?

Elf Girl said...

Thanks so much, Jaime! :)